Daily Prompt: possible

From Protector of the Grey House:

He took the stairs at a leisurely pace, but his mind thought of the possible confrontation in the bedroom. If Vincent were awake, he might have to explain things. He pulled out his phone to text Mierka, but knew there was a chance she would not respond. In the sitting room, he paused for a moment to allow her to respond. When none came, he continued on his way, his phone in hand. It did not go off, but by the time he reached the tower bedroom, he knew what to say if the master were awake.

Joseph opened the door and looked surprised to see his woman sitting with her back against the headboard and Vincent stiff on the bed, the stake still in his heart.

“I thought you would have woken him by now.”

“I woke him. He was beside himself with anger. I offered my blood, but he wanted my head.”

“And staking him again will assuage that anger?”

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