Daily Prompt: dissolve

From Protector of the Grey House:

“I didn’t feel like being smug about this. None of this makes me feel good.”

Vincent repositioned her and brought his lips to hers. He gave her a long, deep kiss, and continued the embrace until all the hesitation was gone from her touch. Certain of the look he would see on his lover’s face, Vincent pulled away gently from the kiss and gazed into Natalia’s eyes. “Then come back to me Natalia and let this all dissolve. Tell me what you know about Donald, and we will take care of the situation. You will no longer have to worry about revenge, only of life and blood.”

Natalia’s sigh turned into a slight sob. It would be so easy to lay her troubles at Vincent’s feet. Someone else could go after Donald while Vincent sucked the blood out of her willing body. Vincent, sensing her thoughts, lowered his lips to her neck and growled against her skin. He knew she wouldn’t allow him to change her this day, but she seemed to consider it more and more. Soon, she would say yes, and he would have what he wanted.

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