Daily Prompt: service

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Anthony contacted Julia last night. She in turn spent most of today trying to call the house. None of our landlines or cell phones work. Anthony’s does. Someone called our service provider and had our service suspended as of this morning. Julia’s taking care of the issue.”

“Did she try reaching the farms?”

“Those lines are down as well. She’s sent humans to investigate. We’ll know more when she does.”

“Where’s Diana?” They were gathered at the head of the steps, the center of the second floor.

“Three doors down. She may not be awake. She had her tests today.”

Vincent was already on the move, at her door before Joseph could finish. He knocked on the door and entered her room before anyone else reacted. Diana and another young woman were entangled in the sheets asleep. The other woman woke before Diana did, but Vincent ignored her, stormed to Diana’s side of the bed, and sat her up before either could react. The other woman started to protest, but one deadly look from the vampire and she stilled, intimidated into silence.

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