Daily Prompt: kissed

The first word the random generator… generated was “Europe”. Heck, I barely say what area the book takes place in, let alone other areas in the world. Therefore decided to pick something kind of randomly.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“I have a feeling she’s hurt…”

“It probably means she is.” Her voice was soft but panicked.

The vampire stood. “Get dressed. We leave soon, and you’ll be needed.”

Vincent shouted for Joseph as he left the room. Diana kissed her woman goodbye and readied herself for the early departure. Joseph, who once again anticipated Vincent’s mind, was on Lorraine’s phone. He informed their pilot of the early departure. Lorraine stood by him, dressed in a light summer dress, and spoke with Rowland and Maxine. Anthony had already gathered the others from House LeGris.

They were out the door, headed to Lorraine’s airstrip in less than half an hour. They were in the air fifteen minutes after that. Joseph made sure Diana sat in the cockpit with the pilots to make sure she was out of the way. Vincent paced the length of the airplane, which made the others nervous. Lorraine, who had come along for support, tried several times to calm him down, but nothing worked. Rowland and Maxine also came along just in case reinforcements were necessary. Two hours into the flight, Joseph grabbed Vincent by the arm and forced him into the separate bedroom at the end of the plane.

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