Daily Prompt: fired

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent looked around at the others. He opened his mouth to give orders when shots were fired. His men didn’t carry guns and the humans never brought theirs into the main house. Wooden arrows were more effective against vampires. Vincent turned and ran down the hall to the dungeon steps. He was there in the space of a gunshot. Rebecca was halfway up the steps, with Anthony and Ben behind her. She looked as if she wanted to rage. She turned her blazing yellow eyes to her boss.

“Edwin and two men. Guarding the dungeon. Give me leave.” She talked through clenched teeth.

He stared deep into her rage and saw his own concern and hate amplified. “Kill the guards. Leave Edwin to me.”

She went Blitzkrieg, tore down the steps, and bellowed her wrath. There were more shots fired, which just fueled the woman’s passion. Mangled screams emanated from the dungeon, cut short by vampires dying. Less than a minute later Rebecca yelled up the stairs.

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