Daily Prompt: corner

Joseph’s dialogue is quite different in the final edition, compared to how i first wrote it. When I first wrote it, he said, “You have a case of this in your cellar, which I gave to you.”
It wasn’t until recently that it dawned me that Vincent’s cellar is a dungeon, complete with an occupied oubliette. There are no food stores down there and humans do not venture down there willingly. Therefore, the line changed to reflect the fact that I had no idea where Vincent keeps human food. The humans in Vincent’s household know. That was enough for me.

From Protector of the Grey House:

The two left without a word; this was not a new situation. Joseph stepped out of the corner he almost hid in and poured himself a glass of brandy from the mini bar.

“You never ask my permission.” Vincent accepted the glass Joseph handed him.

“I gave you a case of this.” His voice grew soft. “Though only you know where it is.”

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