Daily Prompt: end

From Protector of the Grey House:

It was three hours later, and the training session was at an end. Joseph and Mierka spent the better part of that time battling Vincent to help him work out his frustrations. He fought Mierka last, which proved to be a mistake. She had riled him up plenty. With Natalia still missing, he considered taking the lady to his bed. He had approached Mierka to ask her when the double doors of the front entrance slammed open.

Angry steps announced her approach. Vincent waited in anticipation for Natalia to walk through the doors and into his arms. She stepped through the door, gave everyone a dirty look, then stood still, as vehemence rolled off her in waves. She was dressed in hospital scrubs and wore men’s shoes on her feet. She locked eyes with someone, Vincent couldn’t tell who, and snarled. With a bellow of rage, she ran at Anthony with all her speed.

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