Daily Prompt: outfit

Hello there! So, my book covers are done, I like them, but I want to pay my artist before I publish. Hoping to have all that taken care of soon.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia took the seat next to Ashley and slung the backpack onto the counter. The waitress came over immediately. Natalia took note of this, as it seemed highly irregular for this café. The older woman had never been here before at this time of day. The waitress outfit was convincing, even had a badge with her name on it. The name badge was engraved, showing permanence, not a temporary name printed out on paper. Delores could be new, but Natalia would bet on Slayer with an eye for details. Natalia also knew the look in the woman’s eye. She sighed and nodded to the waitress.

“Coffee please.”

Delores nodded and turned to the coffee maker a few steps away. As the coffee was poured, Natalia took out the photocopies of the journals from her backpack.

“I told you I wanted to speak with you alone.” Natalia spoke in a normal conversational tone.

“I am alone.”

Natalia turned her back to the counter and counted the obvious Slayers in the café. “I see ten, eleven if Delores is one of yours.”

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