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Bishop’s Bar: Take Two (Hang Over)

“Gimme another.”
No siree, says he.
Refused service- tossed out
stumbling to the door
grabbing for the knob


hitting glass
hurting knuckles
reaching again
seeing double
finding the knob
grasping cold brass
pulling open the door
hitting his head.

Neon sign blinking
door slamming into his ass
red sign burning his eyes
stabbing into his inner brain
giving him a headache.

Hand to eyes
blocking light.
Hand to mouth
blocking burp, vomit.
Stumbling back to the wall
until the shakes pass.

Stumbling to the car
fumbling for keys.
Neon sign – goes out
comes back on
reflecting off chrome.

Almost finding keys
flesh on metal
then metal on metal ringing out
causing the headache to blossom.

Door screeches open
stomach heaving
leaning against the car
one hand on cold glass
one on heavy warm gut.

Feeling passes
stumbles into car
try to start it
giving up.
Reclining seat
passing out.
Explain to wife in the morning.

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Bishop’s Bar: Passer By

Neon lights

brightly burning

turning shadows

into nothing.

lights on faces

casting hatred

causing fear.


Lights form bars

flickering, buzzing

crying out to the lonely,

“Come here and drown,

drown in misery.

Drown in all we share.”


Neon lights

flashing in puddles

caused by drizzling rain.

A splash as a car drives by

drenching all that passes.


Neon red


reflecting off the windows

of the car cruising by,

hiding those inside,

causing strange shadows

on the girl’s face inside.


A man walks by

bathed in the light

of the neon sign

bathed in the light

of the bar’s calling card.

Red, green, gold, blue

bright and flickering

hurting eyes

burning bright.

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