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The depression creeps in
and I wonder
is it all really worth it?

The silence interrupts
and I wonder,
will there ever be sound again?

Why not end it?
Does anyone care?
Do I care?

In this moment,
the answer is no.
I don’t care.

And I don’t feel like anyone else does, either.

But that’s a lie,
fed by the darkness,
the depression
and the silence.

I can’t keep dwelling here,
but it’s familiar
and out there is a bit of fear,
rolled up in the mask of light.

And I do not want to face it alone.

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Wonderment of a Child

There is darkness in this world,

A lot of it.

But there is intense beauty as well.

As children,

We see the beauty easily.

Wondering what the colors mean

What the animals say

What the heart really is.

We must learn,

As we venture from childhood to adulthood,

To continue seeing the world

With the wonderment of a child.


The darkness consumes us,

And we are left alone

In darkness and hate

Wallowing in our own self doubt.

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Alone In the Dark

Not sure if I really should be posting my poetry tonight. I decided to forgo sleep – for some as of yet unknown reason – and have come up with a couple poems. The other one is Untitled. This one is, well, not. Enjoy, or don’t. In case you don’t know me personally I have gone through a huge tragedy this year and therefore, my poetry is depressing.


I am alone in the darkness.

But the darkness can be comforting.

A warm blanket rather than a cold void.

The darkness is not to be feared,

but explored.


I must not be afraid to explore it.

I must reach out

and embrace what is there,

in the dark.

It is not to be feared.

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