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Yoseph Vladimir: Cat (Part 2)

Story the Second

Yoseph Vladimir.
Hunter; predator
watches as the prey
waddles into his line of vision.
The fat animal is low to the ground
and runs quickly,
but is not paying attention.

It’s hungry,
and upwind.
Yoseph knows he has a chance,
if he’s careful.

He hunkers down
closer to the ground.
Eyes wide, tail twitching,
he nearly chirps his eagerness.

Yoseph moves closer,
slowly inching his way to the prey.
The animal’s sleek brown fur
glistens in the bright day.
He can smell it from here.
It smells like dinner.

Yoseph is not hungry.
His human keeps him well fed,
even with six other felines in the house.
But it is a joy to catch his own food.
It keeps him fit
keeps his senses alert.
Unlike his siblings,
who lounge around all day
accepting caresses.
He likes caresses, too
but loves being outside
especially right now
when the prey is unaware.

Yoseph moves ever closer,
his ears flat against his head.
Close enough, he pounces!
The prey tries to run,
But Yoseph’s claws are deep in its skin.
He bites the prey’s neck,
holds on tight as it tries to break free.
Yoseph, no novice to fights,
holds on as tight as he can.
The prey will be his.

the prey slows.
the prey stops.
the prey is dead.
Yoseph looks at his snack.

This odd creature
with short limbs and long claws
was no match,
even at twice Yoseph’s size.

Feeling proud,
he starts to eat the creature.
A small evening snack.
Before finishing,
he eats away at the neck,
separating the head
from the rest of the body.

he takes his prize home.
Proud of his abilities,
he sets the head on the step.
Rather than leaving it
for the human to find.

Yoseph waits;
his head held high,
his tail curled around him,
front feet placed perfectly
in front of him.

Yoseph Vladimir: Cat
stands proudly by his kill,
waiting for his human to see.

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