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Blank Page

Note: Wrote this in college. Find it very fitting for NaNoWriMo.

The blank page
stares at him, mocking him.
It is like the universe
before it was born.
Vast and empty, waiting
for God, or science,
to change it.

A black spot appears,
as a star or planet;
an idea born of God,
the writer.

The spot grows; forming
the planets of ideas, the homes
of beings not yet created.
The God looks on in surprise
as the page takes on new meaning.

Suddenly, a mark is struck out
as a troublesome child,
cast from the house.
The child, left alone,
leaves an ugly stain
that can never be fully removed.

In the end, the God looks back
on what he has created,
and sighs
knowing a new world is waiting
on the next page.

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