Another Day on the Job

Matt looked out at the water, wondering what he was doing. He should be at work, but today felt like a good day to stare out at the ocean and forget his responsibilities. So here he was at the docks, watching the ships and dock workers move. Other people could work today. He had opted not to.

A seagull’s cry broke this thoughts, and he took a deep breath. Nothing really mattered today. Not Krisy’s unemployment, not the baby’s sore throat, just the waves hitting the dock, rocking it gently.

“So, you ready to get this done, or what?”

Matt looked to Devon, his dragon and sighed. “No.”

Devon stared at Matt with his intense purple eyes. The sun hit his golden scales and made him seem unreal. “It’s your job.”

“I’m tired of doing that. Just once, I’d like to be able to ride you through the clouds without purpose. I don’t want to scare the people of Dartmouth. And they have a dragon rider, too. I’ve heard he’s terrifying. They don’t need to be scared and I certainly don’t need to battle today.”

“The mayor is holding the dragon rider hostage. We’re not scaring the people, we’re trying to rescue a fellow dragon. Now get on my back; break time is over.”

Matt rolled his eyes, slipped his helmet on, and did as told.

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