Magic Bookstore

Mary and Charlie stared at each other before turning quickly to exit the aisle. Mary looked surprised as she realized that the exit on her end was gone. She heard Charlie curse and realized his exit was gone as well. Mary sighed heavily and turned back to Charlie.

“Damned magic bookstore.”

She glared at him. “Oh, stop it. You wanted this to happen. You probably hoped for it.”

“The spell takes two, sweetheart.”

The glare deepened. She hated when he called her sweetheart, or sweetie, or any other term of endearment. He wasn’t her boyfriend. Sure, they slept together once, but it wasn’t serious and she sure as heck didn’t want a repeat.

“Drop the spell so we can leave.”

He glared at her. “I’m trying. You’re blocking me.”

“Oh, that is such bull!”

They started arguing, but before too long, a book fell from the top shelf. It landed on its spine and popped open in between them. Curious, they stepped closer and peered at the beautifully painted pages.

Charlie realized what it was first and laughed. “Joy of Sex for Magic Users. Awesome.” He looked to Mary. “And you said you didn’t have fun.”

She did the only thing she could think of: stuck her tongue out at him. He had the audacity to laugh. He laughed harder as the library fell away and they found themselves in a clearing, near the lake. Charlie walked closer to Mary, stepping around the book. He held his hand out to her.


Mary rolled her eyes and took his hand. With his added energy, she was able to reverse the spell and get them back to the library. He looked disappointed as she walked away. From behind him came another woman’s voice.

“Told you it wouldn’t work.”

“Shut up, sis.”

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