Lost Sister – Teaser

Here it is! The first part of my novel Lost Sister. This is the one I finished during Nanowrimo. It also spawned the new novel I am currently working on. Hope you like this. Have fun in life!


The woman ran as fear gripped her mind, making things hard to process. The city flashed by around her, but she couldn’t stop to ask for help. Something was chasing her. Something large.

Nikki ran into someone and finally did try to talk to the man, but he stared at her oddly, as if he didn’t understand her. She tried again and realized she was not speaking in English. She didn’t know what language she spoke. She ripped away from him as he shook his head and continued on.

After a moment, Nikki realized the inhabitants of the city were gone. She stopped running and saw the city was in sad disrepair, with vines climbing the gray walls, and shrubs growing along the edges of the buildings.

Somewhere close behind, something large moved and Nikki ran on again. Her long black hair streamed out behind her, catching in the breeze. A small part of her mind urged her to stop and tie it back, in a braid of all things, but she ignored the voice and raced on.

Nikki nearly screamed as she stopped running abruptly. The road ended in a sheer drop. The city was gone in front of her. She waved her arms, trying to keep steady, and then finally just fell back on her behind to keep from going over the edge into the gray abyss. She quickly turned over and got to her feet, scrambling away from the edge.

Heart in her mouth, she looked at the city, and somehow was not surprised to see forest. She whipped back around and realized she was surrounded completely by trees. The trees were ancient, with trunks wider than her torso. The canopy mostly hid the sunlight, allowing streamlets in and nothing more. Her surroundings may have changed, but the time of day had not.

Nikki swallowed hard as the large something roared. Holding her head high, she stood her ground as the panther finally emerged from the forest. She fell to her knees. There was no fighting this creature. At its head, it was more than half her size. If it decided to stand on its back legs, it would dwarf her. The beast was massive, with sleek black fur and hungry green eyes.

It purred as it advanced and suddenly, Nikki’s fear parted. She stood tall, peace and calm taking over. She bowed her head, closed her eyes and waited for the creature to come to her, knowing that whatever her fate, this beast was not here to harm her.


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