December 31, 2014

2013 was a year of sorrow and heartache.

2014, my heart grew and healed a bit. Something completely unexpected happened between a long time friend and I and I still have trouble believing it’s real sometimes.

I published, I mourned, I loved. I keep learning more and more about myself and I hope that never stops.

Dreams for 2015? I’ll figure that out as I go.

Goals: finish my 20th novel. Maybe publish a second one. Maybe try harder to sell my first, or rather, try to advertise it better. Though The Elven Prince is doing fine on its own, I really need to advertise better. Get people to remember it’s there. That will help me learn how to do better with other books as well. If I’m ever going to make money off my own writing, I need to learn how to sell my books.

I turn 40 this year. Trying not to freak out about that. I’m doing something for myself that I never thought I would do. I’ll probably write about it at some point, but for now, I’ll leave it as a mystery.

I may add to this again, or I might leave it alone. It’s not a resolution. Years ago, I made a New Year’s Resolution never to make another resolution again. It’s the only one that stuck.

This is more of a ‘hello’ and perhaps a reminder to myself and others that just because the calendar is changing, it doesn’t mean we have to. We can change anytime we want. Anytime we choose. So choose to do it when you’re comfortable with it, not when society tells you to. Have fun, be safe, and always create.

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