Follow the Lights

The lights twinkled in the forest, guiding the couple further along the path. She was convinced the twinkling lights were fairies. He wasn’t quite certain and wanted to turn back. She pulled him along by the hand, promising kisses at the end, no matter what. He went, but only for the kisses.

The lights danced on, beckoning them further. The forest grew darker, until only the dancing lights, now thick in the air, lit the way. The trees were ancient and grand, taller than he could see. Moss grew on all the bark, which undulated with insects. Leaves carpeted the ground, stilling their footsteps. The wind rustled the leaves on the trees, sending shivers up his spine. He tried to pull her back. She kissed him hard then pulled him further in. She needed to see the lights.

On and on they went, as the way grew darker and darker. Finally, the path opened up. The lights danced around them, surrounded them as the couple went to the center. The lights flew around faster and faster. She let him go and held her hands out to the lights, trying to catch one.

A light landed in her palm. She cupped her hand and brought it close to see. Before she could, she felt a nip on her palm. She opened her hand and the tiny creature stared up at her, smiled, then opened its mouth, as if it were making a noise. An angry buzzing started and the lights picked up speed. He knocked the fairy out of her hands and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her toward the path, but the lights were too thick. Before they reached the path, no evidence of the man and woman remained. At sunup, the lights faded into the trees, to slumber for another year.

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