2016 A short Review

A lot of people think that 2016 has been a terrible year. I sort of agree. 2016 was not a good year for celebrities I grew up with. And I was not happy with the election results for the next president of the United States, but hey, this was by far not the worst year I’ve ever had. 2013 won that title.

In early 2013, I learned my husband of 19 years was dying, then I lost him. Then I spent the better part of that year in sheer and utter depression. I eventually saw a therapist and that helped me a lot. So did my amazing friends. I cannot tell you how invaluable they were and still are.

2016 was terrible for one particular person I know. I have a co-worker, a young man (19 I think) who spent most of 2016 in the hospital due to falling down some stairs. He caught various infections when recovering and for awhile no one knew if he was going to make it. He’s back at work and thinking about him makes me want to cry. He’s had a shit year, but he’s still here and kicking it.

2016 wasn’t the best for me: my health wasn’t great due to the weather, (heat/humidity not good for MS) and I caught a couple colds. My creativity has been suffering for a few years now, but it’s still there, waiting. On the upside, I have a place to live, a reliable car, a job I seriously love and a boyfriend that makes my heart flutter and puts a smile on my face simply by thinking about him. And those (still) amazing friends. I also published my first short story collection and had my first ever reading.

This year may not have been the best, but is hasn’t been the worse. I am thankful for what I have. I hope you are, too.

Happy New Year, everyone. And stay creative. It’s what makes the world more beautiful.

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