New Book


When I had my book reading in November of 2016, I announced I would be releasing a trilogy within 12 – 16 months. The trilogy is called “The Grey House”. It is a vampire trilogy. The first book is called: “The Grey House”. The second is called “Inside the Grey House”. The third is called “Protector of the Grey House”.

It will be published through DriveThru RPG, as it is based on a game world my friend Travis Legge wrote. Don’t worry, if you don’t know the world, you’ll still be able to enjoy my novels.

I want to offer the first book for free to my fans and I’m trying to get an email button connected to my web site, so that you can click on a button, sign up for a(n) (infrequent) newsletter, and receive a link to the download when the book comes out.

I am unfortunately having a heck of a time connecting everything. The button is not yet there. It will be by the time the first book is released.

Until then, I know I’ve been slacking in keeping up with this site, but want to thank everyone who has signed up/joined up here and on my Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my books!

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