via Daily Prompt: Entertain

That prompt is great timing. It means I get to talk about what entertained me last night.

Last night, I went to a show at a local bar to hear a band called The Saps. It was their last show in my area. They have one more show before they break up. They have been together for more than 10 years. I don’t know when they started, but I know it was before 2004. I love that band. They’re fun. Their songs are about crazy stuff that happens in life (one song is about a hard on, a few are about women, and one is about a heart attack). Their songs should be depressing and embarrassing, but the songs always have a fun beat to them. Here’s one called Coup de Grace.

The Saps mean a lot to me. In 2004, my late husband and I got married. The Saps were one of two bands that played. The Saps were the “headliners”. It was an amazing show, as always. And not just because we got married, but because The Saps don’t put on a bad show.

Last night, I went to the show with my finance. He and I knew it would be hard to be there, because of the memories. My late husband, Jason, and I went to almost all their shows in our area together. If I missed a show, it was either due to work the next morning, or illness. I did not miss many shows. I knew there would be some songs that would just tear through me. I was worried about ugly crying. Because that does happen with certain memories. But I didn’t want to miss their last show.

We went. There were a ton of people I haven’t seen in ages. It felt good and bad to be there. I heard a ton of songs I loved, but the memories were there, too. It was amazing. I cried a little. I thought I would break down and cry all evening, especially when they played a song called Jason.

The song is about a booking guy named Jason who was terrible at his job. It was not about my Jason, but we (late husband, myself and all our friends) thought it was hilarious that they had a song about a person with my late husband’s name. It became even funnier when my Jason became a booking guy as well. The Saps, especially after my Jason became a booking agent, were quick to note that it was not about OUR Jason. It was great. Pretty sure they played it at our wedding.

There were some tears last night, but mostly just good friends, and good bands. They’re breaking up because the main singer is leaving the area. He, and the other members of the band already informed me that they are planning on playing in the area again, but who knows what will really happen. They are an amazingly fun band. I love their sound and I love the guys in it. I call them “my boys” or “the boys”. They feel like family, and I will miss them tons, but I will cherish all the memories, and hope that we have new ones in the future.



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