Static (Electricity)

via Daily Prompt: Static

This is my first Daily Prompt. I figured it might get me writing more. These might end up being stream of consciousness, or boring or whatever. I’m trying and that’s all I care about.

I live in the Midwest where we have very cold winters, snow and more cold and more snow. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, when the snowflakes are big and fat, covering everything in pristine shimmering white, it’s gorgeous. But then there’s the shoveling, the shivering and all the rest of it. I hate winter.

Take the added fun of static electricity and I’m a recipe for disaster. Almost every time I touch someone during the winter, even after not moving much, I shock them. I’ve jokingly said I have an “electric personality” during the winter due to the amount of times I’ve shocked someone. It’s not pleasant, for them or me.

It turns out, I drag my foot when I walk. Bad idea during the winter, as the air is drier and it can cause static electricity, especially when walking across carpet. This winter, after my fiance stated I needed to ground myself before touching him, I knew I had to change something. Even when we use a humidifier, I still end up shocking him.

I realized I had two options: stop dragging my foot or don’t wear socks.

My feet get cold. Even during the summer. Not wearing socks is not an option. So, I’ve stopped dragging my foot. I don’t know why I drag my foot; it may be a lifelong habit, or it might be due to MS. Foot dragging is a symptom of MS, and the foot I drag is the left one. My left side is affected by MS more than my right. So it could be MS. But I’m not really sure.

I had to Google how to walk properly to find out what I was doing wrong. A part of me wanted to feel embarrassed for doing so, but I’ve obviously forgotten if I’m dragging my foot. Changing a habit like that is going to take some time, but I hope that it benefits me in other ways, too. Maybe walking the right way will help strengthen muscles. I have no idea, but at the very least, I’ll stop being full of static electricity. I hope.

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