Daily Prompt: Admit

Edwin. The antagonist. I loath him. I never liked Edwin, but once I understood, and wrote, his history, I hated him with pride. Before writing his history, he was a flat character, with loathsome desires. After I wrote his history, I was able to write him as a three dimensional character with loathsome desires that I was able to hate with all my heart. I really liked that I wrote his history; it made him a better character. Here’s a little bit of Edwin.

From Inside the Grey House:

Edwin crossed his arms. “Do you realize that you are the only vampire I know that will admit to my face what you really prefer? That’s why I respect you Vincent: I know where I stand with you and you always answer truthfully.” He indicated some stragglers as they entered the building. “The people that follow me say yes to whatever I suggest. At first it was great, but now, I find it tedious. They do, too. A lot of them no longer listen to me. That’s why I’m doing this Vincent. That’s why I’m putting my head on your chopping block: because they don’t listen to me anymore and I grow tired of it. I’m done being Acting Captain. They will listen to what I say.”

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