Daily Prompt: discarded

One of the words I bypassed today was ‘is’. That word shows up 174 times in this novel. And is really, too simple to use as a daily prompt, in my opinion.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Both.” He pulled back and started to undress. Natalia followed suit. Once they were undressed and laying comfortably in the bed, Vincent took her in his arms and started to suck on her breasts.

Her hands found his hair and pulled painfully as he bit into her breast and started suckling her blood. He sucked slowly, causing her to moan. He pulled away, using her discarded shirt to help stop the blood flow.

“What did Mierka do? Please tell me.”

She shuddered as Vincent kissed his way down her torso and slipped his tongue between her legs. Grinning and laughing, she described in absolute detail what Mierka did to her in the car.

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