Daily Prompt: exactly

This week has not been good. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I woke from too little sleep. Monday, I took the day off from work then slept until after noon. Wednesday, I got up and struggled with the day but didn’t feel that bad, which surprised me completely. Friday, I stayed in bed until after 8am and struggled through the day. This is why I didn’t post on Monday or Wednesday. If you look forward to my posts, thank you for sticking with me and sorry for the pause. Some times, I just don’t win against my health.

From Protector of the Grey House:

All heads turned to Alexandra, who had been one of Edwin’s closest. She was alive only because Morgan warned her not to be at Edwin’s last Red Tie Affair. Morgan vouched for her, and Vincent gave her enough room to let her prove exactly who she was loyal to. Anthony found out easily the woman’s loyalty was to herself.

Vincent turned his head first, letting his body move when he reached the apex of his turn. His voice dripped with sarcasm, mirth, and expectancy. “You have something to say?”

“The throne belongs to me! I was next in line!” She stepped toward him, trying to intimidate him. Edwin’s sire changed her, twenty-five years ago. Vincent could take her out easily. He wasn’t worried about this one.

He just stared at her, calmly waiting for an explanation. When one wasn’t forthcoming, he simply turned back to Natalia. “Where were we?”

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