Daily Prompt: parking

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Hello?” Natalia paced the small room as she answered the prepaid phone.

“He’s returning tonight and would like to see you.” Joseph’s stoic voice revealed nothing.

“How is he?”

“He isn’t listening to either Mierka or myself. He still thinks you betrayed him by going into his room.”

She stopped and looked out the window. There was a motel parking lot beyond the glass and not much else. “Didn’t I?”

“Think of this carefully: is this really something you would have done on any other occasion? Has there been an occasion where you wondered if there was a hidden room?”

“Joseph, I don’t know. It’s never come up.”

“Why hasn’t it?”

She paused. “What?”

“In all the years you’ve lived in this house, why have you never wondered about a hidden room? You’ve seen that hallway thousands of times. Why did you never, until this instance, feel the need to question its lack of doors?”

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