Daily Prompt: dismissed

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Dismissed.” She threw the order over her shoulder. When her pack didn’t move, she turned around, stared down her people, growled and repeated her simple order. “Dismissed!”

Orlando and Doug left the room. As Natalia’s guardian, Charlie stayed. Rebecca nodded at his decision then turned to the vampires. She wanted to get as many people out as she could. Most did not need to see this spectacle. Mierka and Joseph were unavailable to give orders, therefore she looked to the only other authority figure in the room. She caught Anthony’s eye, indicated the rest of the room, and looked toward the door. She didn’t want to be vocal about it, as it was not her place. She silently thanked him when he understood quickly and ordered the others out. There was no hesitation with the vampires. They knew what could happen if they didn’t listen to orders. Most respected Anthony and followed his orders as if Vincent gave them.

Once the room was clear, Anthony joined Rebecca. “I’ll take over the security room. No one sees any of this.”

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