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I share in your loss

I may not have known her,

But I understand how you feel.

When we lose someone we love,

Our emotions become raw.


When we lose another,

Or if a friend does,

It reminds us of the pain we felt

When our own loved one passed.


I am sorry for your loss

Does not quite cover it,

But what else can be said?


There really are no words

To express the fact

That I know exactly what you are going through.

And because of my own hard loss,

I grieve with you.

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And my cat

And my cat

is on his back,

Under the table

sparring with Satan

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Wonderment of a Child

There is darkness in this world,

A lot of it.

But there is intense beauty as well.

As children,

We see the beauty easily.

Wondering what the colors mean

What the animals say

What the heart really is.

We must learn,

As we venture from childhood to adulthood,

To continue seeing the world

With the wonderment of a child.


The darkness consumes us,

And we are left alone

In darkness and hate

Wallowing in our own self doubt.

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Secret Fog

The fog surrounds me like a blanket of secrets.
Cold and harsh, a nightmare in disguise.
I walk on, blind in the gray world
Knowing hope lays beyond.

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Bishop’s Bar: Passer By

Neon lights

brightly burning

turning shadows

into nothing.

lights on faces

casting hatred

causing fear.


Lights form bars

flickering, buzzing

crying out to the lonely,

“Come here and drown,

drown in misery.

Drown in all we share.”


Neon lights

flashing in puddles

caused by drizzling rain.

A splash as a car drives by

drenching all that passes.


Neon red


reflecting off the windows

of the car cruising by,

hiding those inside,

causing strange shadows

on the girl’s face inside.


A man walks by

bathed in the light

of the neon sign

bathed in the light

of the bar’s calling card.

Red, green, gold, blue

bright and flickering

hurting eyes

burning bright.

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Alone In the Dark

Not sure if I really should be posting my poetry tonight. I decided to forgo sleep – for some as of yet unknown reason – and have come up with a couple poems. The other one is Untitled. This one is, well, not. Enjoy, or don’t. In case you don’t know me personally I have gone through a huge tragedy this year and therefore, my poetry is depressing.


I am alone in the darkness.

But the darkness can be comforting.

A warm blanket rather than a cold void.

The darkness is not to be feared,

but explored.


I must not be afraid to explore it.

I must reach out

and embrace what is there,

in the dark.

It is not to be feared.

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I have been on a roller coaster of emotions

these past few months,

and the ride has not ended.

For those of you riding with me,

thank you for helping me hold on.

But –

there are more peaks and valleys coming.

Hold on tight,

the ride’s not done,

and it’s going to get a lot bumpier

before it levels out.

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Hope and Fear

Fear cannot take hope
only hide it.
When fear leaves,
the hope is still there,
gleaming brighter for you to see.

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The Guitarist

I feel like I’ve been silent longer than a week, but I have not. Thanks for your continued readership. For your reading pleasure today, a poem inspired by a guitarist in my favorite band.

He steps on stage, unaware

Of the affect of his music on my soul.

His fingers caress the strings,

bring forth

Sounds only angels have heard.

As the song intensifies,

his fingers move faster and faster

and with a different type of intensity.

Long toned digits moving with a flourish

only time can bestow.

He plays on and on, glancing occasionally

In my direction.

He knows nothing of the affect of his music on my soul.

The music surges

and his hands weave a spell

on the strings of his guitar

and he knows nothing

of the affect of his music

on my soul.

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