Magic Bookstore

Mary and Charlie stared at each other before turning quickly to exit the aisle. Mary looked surprised as she realized that the exit on her end was gone. She heard Charlie curse and realized his exit was gone as well. Mary sighed heavily and turned back to Charlie. “Damned magic bookstore.” She glared at him.… Continue reading Magic Bookstore

Abstract Thoughts

She sits in her car, waiting for the light to change, her depression all around her like a fog. It thickens as her thoughts become darker. She’s not really thinking suicide; it’s more an abstract thought. But, she still reaches across with her right hand, as if holding a sharp object, and runs her hand… Continue reading Abstract Thoughts

The Virus

The dinner party was going well. Everyone Joyce invited showed up and dressed formally, as the invitation suggested. Out of Joyce and Brad’s top floor apartment, the sunset could be seen over the lake. It was an incredible night, but it only depressed Molly. She sighed heavily as she felt a comforting arm slip around… Continue reading The Virus

Plant Life (For 18 and older readers only)

The rain fell heavily on the city. The traffic slipped by the alley not seeing the woman inside. Dressed in jeans, a thin t-shirt and sandals, she allowed the rain to soak her through. Pedestrians did not see her, either. They were huddled under their umbrellas or scurried by with newspapers raised to try and… Continue reading Plant Life (For 18 and older readers only)

Theraphose: An Origin Part 3 of 3

Done with his story, Theraphose lowered himself to the ground and gracefully advanced on Attalla. He bowed to her and waited for Martal to return. She went to Theraphose again and leaned against his body. He lowered himself and urged her to climb his back. She did so and leaned over and hugged him hard.… Continue reading Theraphose: An Origin Part 3 of 3

Theraphose: An Origin Part 1 of 3

“Theraphose!” The melodious voice rang down the hallway, catching in his ear and making him turn. The tall lanky blond man smiled warmly at his younger sister and embraced her as she reached him. “Attalla! I’ve missed you. How do you fare?” His sister pulled away, brushed her dark hair away from her face and… Continue reading Theraphose: An Origin Part 1 of 3