The passage of time seems surreal. Has it really been that long? Has it really only been that long? The pain is less, but the memories of you are still fresh I don’t cry as much anymore, but my tears still threaten. I think sometimes, that I am ready to move forward. Then a memory… Continue reading Seven

Abstract Thoughts

She sits in her car, waiting for the light to change, her depression all around her like a fog. It thickens as her thoughts become darker. She’s not really thinking suicide; it’s more an abstract thought. But, she still reaches across with her right hand, as if holding a sharp object, and runs her hand… Continue reading Abstract Thoughts


This is long and may be depressing. If you read it thank you, if not, I understand. It is non fiction. I was going to post this in a widow’s page on Facebook, then couldn’t as someone else had just posted something I felt was in direct contradiction to what I am trying to get… Continue reading Jason