via Daily Prompt: Dominant For this prompt, I decided to find the word “dominant” or a variation of the word, in The Grey House, the next book I plan on publishing.  I found that I used the word “dominance”. Once. I only checked the first book, but it was quite surprising that I only found… Continue reading Dominant

The Grey House Chapter One

Natalia looked around the bar from her perch on the second floor. The bar, named Lava, wasn’t too large. There was room for about three hundred people in the two-level establishment. There were tables along the walls, but not many. There were more upstairs, along with couches to promote a more relaxed atmosphere. The size… Continue reading The Grey House Chapter One

New Book

Hello! When I had my book reading in November of 2016, I announced I would be releasing a trilogy within 12 – 16 months. The trilogy is called “The Grey House”. It is a vampire trilogy. The first book is called: “The Grey House”. The second is called “Inside the Grey House”. The third is… Continue reading New Book