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So, as I posted last week, my NaNoWriMo project is done, and I started a new novel. I’ve written 2 1/2 chapters in the past week, but only 250ish words in the past two days. I think it has to do with it being very close to Thanksgiving. My late husband’s favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. Jason and a friend of ours would go all out and have a huge potluck for all our friends in the area that didn’t have family or didn’t want to hang out with family. Crazy food was served (last year, he attempted poutine), and other things. Too many to remember.

We would hold these crazy shindigs at our friend Tim’s house. Everyone would show up, eat too much, drink if they wanted to and in general just have a grand old time. This year, to stop myself from looking to the door every time someone comes in, in the vague hope that Jason shows up, I’m headed to my sister’s place out of town. I think it’s best.

I really wanted to add more words to my new novel, lots of new words, before the end of November, but I think I’m just going to be happy with finishing my 18th novel and starting a new one. I’ll keep working at the new one and post the word count periodically (weekly), but it won’t be a daily thing. It wasn’t posted here daily, but was on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/catstarkwriter

Point to all this? (feel like I’m rambling) I am missing my Jason tonight, and wanted to get that out, but I am also posting a poem and I feel like posting a bit of my new novel too. Not sure I’m going to, but I really think that might be fun to do. Yes, yes I am going to post a little of my new novel. There may be typos as I have not had a final read through. Sorry if there are and well, deal with it. I don’t have a professional editor.

Final thoughts of the evening: if you celebrate Thanksgiving have a good one, if you don’t, well, have a good one anyway. Stay safe and as my favorite writer Neil Gaiman says, “Make good art.”


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Nanowrimo Part 2

Well, it’s November 18 and my experiment appears to be done. After writing as often as I could the past 18 days, I have finished my 18th novel.
Ok, that’s just cool. 18 & 18.
With 71040 words, I have completed the first draft of my 18th novel.

I am very glad I did this experiment.

Has this experiment conquered all that ails me? Nope.
Did I think it would? Nope.
Has it taught me something? Several things. And that’s what counts.
That and the fact that I have 18 books finished.

Holy crap.

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