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December 19, 2013

I hate to admit it, but my depression is back, which means that though it is not as bad as it has been, it is there and affecting my desire to be creative. I have not written anything in my new book for a while, and have had little desire to post anything new to this site.

But, that happens. I will post a poem as well tonight, but it has been difficult to keep up. Sometimes, I just have to be silent. I thank those of you who know me to keep your jokes/comments to yourself on that one. (smirk)

Also, by March 31st (deadline clock will be added to this site soon) I would like to have my first novel published through Amazon. I want to concentrate my efforts there, and get that finished. I will be rereading the novel, entitled “The Elven Prince”, writing the synopsis (which I hate doing) and posting said synopsis here. Once that synopsis is done, I’ll probably have one or two people read the novel over to get opinions.

It will be people I know reviewing the novel, but once I post the synopsis, if you think it sounds readable, or not, let me know! I really love hearing stuff like that, even if it’s bad.

At any rate, thanks for reading and as always, go forth and create!

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So, as I posted last week, my NaNoWriMo project is done, and I started a new novel. I’ve written 2 1/2 chapters in the past week, but only 250ish words in the past two days. I think it has to do with it being very close to Thanksgiving. My late husband’s favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. Jason and a friend of ours would go all out and have a huge potluck for all our friends in the area that didn’t have family or didn’t want to hang out with family. Crazy food was served (last year, he attempted poutine), and other things. Too many to remember.

We would hold these crazy shindigs at our friend Tim’s house. Everyone would show up, eat too much, drink if they wanted to and in general just have a grand old time. This year, to stop myself from looking to the door every time someone comes in, in the vague hope that Jason shows up, I’m headed to my sister’s place out of town. I think it’s best.

I really wanted to add more words to my new novel, lots of new words, before the end of November, but I think I’m just going to be happy with finishing my 18th novel and starting a new one. I’ll keep working at the new one and post the word count periodically (weekly), but it won’t be a daily thing. It wasn’t posted here daily, but was on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/catstarkwriter

Point to all this? (feel like I’m rambling) I am missing my Jason tonight, and wanted to get that out, but I am also posting a poem and I feel like posting a bit of my new novel too. Not sure I’m going to, but I really think that might be fun to do. Yes, yes I am going to post a little of my new novel. There may be typos as I have not had a final read through. Sorry if there are and well, deal with it. I don’t have a professional editor.

Final thoughts of the evening: if you celebrate Thanksgiving have a good one, if you don’t, well, have a good one anyway. Stay safe and as my favorite writer Neil Gaiman says, “Make good art.”


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As some of you know, I suffered a huge loss this past year, with the passing of my husband of 19 years. My creativity has taking a hit due to that. But this is Nanowrimo. In the spirit of Nanowrimo, I have decided to do something that may end up being tough for me.

I am not starting a new project, I’m going to try and finish one. I have a book in mind I’ve been working on for a while, and I’m going to try and write a little each day to see if I can get it done. Though Nanowrimo is about starting and finishing a novel, at this point, I just want to finish something.

I’ve been in a fog for the past few months, a fog that has not allowed me to write of even think clearly. I’ve had a few moments of clarity, when things pop through, but it’s been tough. Between 2005 and April of this year, I’d written over 1 million words, which went to 17 finished novels, various short stories, and about 25 unfinished novels. Since April, I’ve barely written.

To some, the amount I write now probably seems like a lot, but for me, it’s not enough. I know I need time, but I want very badly to see if I can jump start the creative juices and get my head in the game again. I think this is the perfect month for that.

So here it goes. The novel, currently entitled Lost Sister, has 53481 words.

In the spirit of Nanowrimo, I’m going to work on adding a few words each day and hope to keep you updated on the amount of words I have. Since it is a project mostly done, I will not be using Nanowrimo and their web pages, but if you’re curious about it, I encourage you to search for their page and check it out. It’s an interesting project for writers.

I’ll keep you updated in the comments with word count and date. If I go a few days without posting, that does mean I haven’t written anything, but please be patient. Just deciding to do this was tough for me.

Thank you all, and have fun writing.


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