As some of you know, I suffered a huge loss this past year, with the passing of my husband of 19 years. My creativity has taking a hit due to that. But this is Nanowrimo. In the spirit of Nanowrimo, I have decided to do something that may end up being tough for me.

I am not starting a new project, I’m going to try and finish one. I have a book in mind I’ve been working on for a while, and I’m going to try and write a little each day to see if I can get it done. Though Nanowrimo is about starting and finishing a novel, at this point, I just want to finish something.

I’ve been in a fog for the past few months, a fog that has not allowed me to write of even think clearly. I’ve had a few moments of clarity, when things pop through, but it’s been tough. Between 2005 and April of this year, I’d written over 1 million words, which went to 17 finished novels, various short stories, and about 25 unfinished novels. Since April, I’ve barely written.

To some, the amount I write now probably seems like a lot, but for me, it’s not enough. I know I need time, but I want very badly to see if I can jump start the creative juices and get my head in the game again. I think this is the perfect month for that.

So here it goes. The novel, currently entitled Lost Sister, has 53481 words.

In the spirit of Nanowrimo, I’m going to work on adding a few words each day and hope to keep you updated on the amount of words I have. Since it is a project mostly done, I will not be using Nanowrimo and their web pages, but if you’re curious about it, I encourage you to search for their page and check it out. It’s an interesting project for writers.

I’ll keep you updated in the comments with word count and date. If I go a few days without posting, that does mean I haven’t written anything, but please be patient. Just deciding to do this was tough for me.

Thank you all, and have fun writing.


  1. 11-18-13 1302 words and another chapter finished.
    I’m one chapter away from the end of this book.
    Has this experiment conquered all that ails me? Nope.
    Did I think it would? Nope.
    Has it taught me something? Yep. And that’s what counts.
    That and the fact that by the end of November, I’ll have 18 books finished. Yes, yes I am smirking.

  2. I’ve been posting my progress on Facebook, but want to update here as well. Here’s the past few days:
    Between 11-4-13 and 11-5-13: 712 words
    11-6-13: 1157 words
    11-7-13: 892 words
    11-8-13: 806 words
    11-9-13 976 words, but not toward my novel. At the In Print meeting today, we tried some writing exercises. I posted them to my wordpress page. The two exercises are Magic Bookstore and Another Day on the Job. They were fun to write and can be found in the Short Story section.
    11-10-13: 617 words. Wrote a line I really like and it made me realize something about my everyday life. I like when that happens.

    1. Ok, so yesterday, 11-2-13: 0 words written. Spent the day at SOFA Chicago. Art show of the best kind. Therefore, no writing done, but the amount of creativity in that place helped me feel good, so I call it a win.
      11-3-13: 59 words written.
      Before you judge: what creative thing have you done today?

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