New Book

Hello! When I had my book reading in November of 2016, I announced I would be releasing a trilogy within 12 – 16 months. The trilogy is called “The Grey House”. It is a vampire trilogy. The first book is called: “The Grey House”. The second is called “Inside the Grey House”. The third is… Continue reading New Book

2016 A short Review

A lot of people think that 2016 has been a terrible year. I sort of agree. 2016 was not a good year for celebrities I grew up with. And I was not happy with the election results for the next president of the United States, but hey, this was by far not the worst year… Continue reading 2016 A short Review

He did nothing.

By now, most Americans have heard of Colin Kaepernick. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’ve probably heard of the football player who decided to sit down for his rights. A lot of people became angry that this man sat down during the National Anthem. My mind goes odd places sometimes (lots of times)… Continue reading He did nothing.

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Censoring myself

There are times when I write things that I want to post on my blog and I wonder how many people I will piss off. I have strong opinions about religion and politics and the stupid things people do because of both those subjects. I’m not usually kind in my rantings because people piss me… Continue reading Censoring myself