History Lessons

A Bar Called Always is a bar that exists out of time. Which makes writing interesting, especially when a man from the 1500s is talking to a wild west cowboy. Story will be posted later today, but things I had to look up (most of the answered were found through Wikipedia): When did chocolate come… Continue reading History Lessons


The simple wooden door opened, throwing light into the bar momentarily. The sunlight revealed the long bar. It looks old, but the counter top has a good sheen, as if lovingly taken care of. There are a few people in the bar, most at the end, where some tables are arranged. It’s an odd-looking group;… Continue reading Larry

Censoring myself

There are times when I write things that I want to post on my blog and I wonder how many people I will piss off. I have strong opinions about religion and politics and the stupid things people do because of both those subjects. I’m not usually kind in my rantings because people piss me… Continue reading Censoring myself

Missing you.

Dear Jason, This week is tough for me, well all weeks are in their own way. This one’s one of the harder ones. April 23rd would have been 21 years engaged; April 24th would have been 11 years married… Sometimes the hardest part of you being gone is that I’m with someone now. Someone you… Continue reading Missing you.


Sedated, mangled, and strangled. The newspapers dubbed her the Viper. From my new book. I think I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Why not? I FINALLY have a new idea at the right time of the year to participate! So far: 8502 words.