Daily Prompt: gasped

From Protector of the Grey House: “He did. But I want to hear it in your words, with your voice.” She shook her head and looked away as her entire body seemed to sag from exhaustion. Natalia leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. “I’ve lived through this enough. I don’t want to relive… Continue reading Daily Prompt: gasped

Daily Prompt: use

From Protector of the Grey House: She stole out of bed unnoticed, found her dress and slipped it on. The key for the lock was still in the door. It was an old-fashioned skeleton key, which meant she could have easily picked it if Joseph had removed it. Natalia left the room and closed the… Continue reading Daily Prompt: use

Daily Prompt: emphasize

Pretty sure I’ve shared this before, but I dig it. From Protector of the Grey House: Natalia swung the small extinguisher over her shoulder, and held it with her right hand while her hand left went to her side. She leaned into her left leg, her feet shoulder width apart, ten feet from Alexandra. She… Continue reading Daily Prompt: emphasize

Daily Prompt: business

From Protector of the Grey House: Joseph and Mierka believed she had a right to fight and train as if she were her own army. She fought Slayers and had to watch her back for Edwin’s men, too. Edwin finally had his coronation, without the presence of Vincent and his men. He ignored them for… Continue reading Daily Prompt: business

Daily Prompt: outfit

Hello there! So, my book covers are done, I like them, but I want to pay my artist before I publish. Hoping to have all that taken care of soon. From Protector of the Grey House: Natalia took the seat next to Ashley and slung the backpack onto the counter. The waitress came over immediately.… Continue reading Daily Prompt: outfit

Daily Prompt: end

From Protector of the Grey House: It was three hours later, and the training session was at an end. Joseph and Mierka spent the better part of that time battling Vincent to help him work out his frustrations. He fought Mierka last, which proved to be a mistake. She had riled him up plenty. With… Continue reading Daily Prompt: end

Daily Prompt: master

From Protector of the Grey House: She pushed away from him, aggravated. “It’s a room. It’s the room in my dream. He knows about the dream, yet he stayed silent. It made me wonder if I was with the right man. It’s one of the reasons I’ve refused to be turned. Why didn’t he tell… Continue reading Daily Prompt: master

Daily Prompt: contained

From Protector of the Grey House: He sounded like Lucas, but Lucas had had the voices in his head. Donald was a fanatic and possibly insane. During his soliloquy Natalia moved her arms back and forth, to test her range of motion. He’d done a poor job of tying her; she could maneuver her arms… Continue reading Daily Prompt: contained

Daily Prompt: identity’s

From Protector of the Grey House: “Her name was Laura Lynn McGarity. She was the last woman I loved before you. We met in San Francisco, the first time I lived in this area, in the 50’s. She was a reporter and had heard about the wealthy businessman no one ever saw during the day.… Continue reading Daily Prompt: identity’s

Daily Prompt: tensed

From Protector of the Grey House: Natalia reached out and caressed his closed fist. He opened his eyes when he heard her gasp. “What did you do?” Surprised by her question, he looked down at his now open hand. There were four half circles of crimson on his palm. Blood pooled in the shallow of… Continue reading Daily Prompt: tensed