Secret Fog

The fog surrounds me like a blanket of secrets. Cold and harsh, a nightmare in disguise. Still I walk on, blind in the gray world Knowing hope lays beyond.

Alone In the Dark

Not sure if I really should be posting my poetry tonight. I decided to forgo sleep – for some as of yet unknown reason – and have come up with a couple poems. The other one is Untitled. This one is, well, not. Enjoy, or don’t. In case you don’t know me personally I have… Continue reading Alone In the Dark


I have been on a roller coaster of emotions these past few months, and the ride has not ended. For those of you riding with me, thank you for helping me hold on. But – there are more peaks and valleys coming. Hold on tight, the ride’s not done, and it’s going to get a… Continue reading Untitled

Theraphose: An Origin Part 3 of 3

Done with his story, Theraphose lowered himself to the ground and gracefully advanced on Attalla. He bowed to her and waited for Martal to return. She went to Theraphose again and leaned against his body. He lowered himself and urged her to climb his back. She did so and leaned over and hugged him hard.… Continue reading Theraphose: An Origin Part 3 of 3

Hope and Fear

Fear cannot take hope only hide it. When fear leaves, the hope is still there, gleaming brighter for you to see.

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